Vision & Mission :


            Physical Education is an education through physical activities for the development of total personality of the child and its fulfillment in body, mind and spirit.  It given all round development of an individual i.e. physical mental, social and well being from disarmer.  It develops personal and social qualities, builds him up as a good citizen.

Physical education gives physical fitness, organic vigour, neuromuscular co-ordination skills, attitude towards leisure, leadership quality.  It develops personal social attitude, adjustments, intellectual response.  It provides knowledge of diseases and deals with precautionary measures.



1.      Individual Development: To Develop all aspects i.e. Social, Intellectual, Nero Muscular Co-ordination etc.

2.      Mental Development: To develops his mental ability by means of different skills and techniques for mental relaxation.

3.      Social Development: To create social awareness among the students.

4.      Mental Relaxation: To make them perform meditation, yogic practices and Kriya & Mudra.

5.      Physical Development: To teach different kinds of aerobic and weight training exercises for different posture.

6.      National Integration: To develop attitude of National Integration among them.

7.      Self-Reliance: To develop self dependant attitude in behaviour and nature, and to create leadership qualities.

8.      Health consciousness: to make aware of different diseases and to teach precautionary measures.

9.      Modification of behavior: to develop modification of behavior in all aspects of life span.

10.  Leisure time activities: To develop modification of mental pursuits.



Learning resources:

The Department of Physical Education is having a gymnasium for its students and staff of this college.  Our college is recognized college with potential for excellence in phase III during the 11th Plan by UGC.  Now the department of Physical Education has its own room with all fully equipped facilities for the below mentioned games and sports.


S.No. Name of the Game Type of the game
1 Volley Ball Out Door
2 Ball Badminton Out Door
3 Kabaddi Out Door
4 Kho-Kho Out Door
5 Foot Ball Out Door
6 Hand Ball Out Door
7 Cricket Out Door
8 400 Mts Track Out Door
9 Shuttle Badminton Out Door
10 Table Tennis Indoor
11 Chess Indoor
12 Caroms Indoor



Services provided:

 1  Indoor Games: Physical Director Giving coaching and practice to the indoor games like table tennis, shuttle, chess and Carroms daily 100 members are participating in the indoor games.

2  Out Door Games: Physical Director also giving coaching and practice to Volleyball, Kabadi, Kho-Kho, Footbal, Ball Badminton, Basket Ball, Hand Ball and Cricket every year.

The college is also conducting District, State Meets and Inter Collegiate University Tournaments, daily 100 members are practicing at the outdoor games from 4.00 P.M to 6.00 P.M.


  1.  Stations exercise gymnasium is installed in Gymnasium hall.  These stations are very useful to improve muscle strength.
  2.  PESOAS thigh Muscles, blood circulation, nervous system, cardiovascular system these units are also useful to reduce obesity.
  3.  These units are also useful for expansion of chest and flexibility of muscles and decreases taxies and contains as this college is residential Degree College.
  4.  Most of the students are utilizing the gym in morning and evening hours.
  5.  Morning 6.00 AM to 8.00 AM evening 6.00 PM to 8.00 PM.

Physical Director:

S.No. Photo Faculty Name Qualification Designation
1 A.Mohan Raju B.COM,

M. P. Ed,

B. P. Ed, N.I.S


Asst Prof/Physical Director


Physical Director:

S.No. Photo Faculty Name Qualification Designation
1 A.Mohan Raju B.COM,

M. P. Ed,

B. P. Ed, N.I.S


Asst Prof/Physical Director