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Vision & Mission


The Institution is committed to provide refined education to create visionary citizens enriched with knowledge and leadership through the integration of qualitative teaching-learning process.


The mission of the College is to prepare knowledgeable, skilled, cultured and competent future citizens:

  • To develop students intellectually & Holistically
  • To Promote students towards Higher Education in their Interested fields
  • To empower students to sustain in Global competition
  • To cater the needs of the Industry by equipping students with various skills.
  • To facilitate credible and challenging placement opportunities
  • To develop technology based creative knowledge to mould as best entrepreneurs.
  • To introduce new programmes such as Restructured courses to meet the needs of the Society
  • To enhance the quality of teaching-learning process through continuous evaluation
  • Use of ICT and e-learning recourses.
  • To empower faculty members with high qualifications to address the needs of the students according to the new trends and developments.
  • To encourage students to participate in the sports and games for their all round development.
  • To organize programs to enhance employability of students through JKC and other certificate courses
  • To provide more infrastructure facilities.