The Institution encourages the students and staff to participate in NCC & NSS activities as a part of community service. By means of NCC & NSS social camps red ribbon club, the community services are engaged by adopting nearby villages

Personality development programs are arranged by inviting trainers. Gender sensitization programs are being conducted through the Women Empowerment Cell. Superintendent of Police, Srikakulam has conducted one Month Training to our students in Physical fitness and counseling during the month of October 2016

As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility, the College aims to educate the villagers and spread literacy in the villages surrounding the Srikakulam town. The citizens should be aware of the social, political developments and various welfare schemes of the Government. Education gives the citizens confidence, self-respect, and self- reliance in the society. Knowledge and literacy change their outlook and perspective and brings a qualitative change in their lives.

The people in villages in this part of the district are educationally backward, and superstitious and still practicing many social evils like marriages at a young age, marriages in close blood relations, superstitions, and girls have a chronic anemia, biased views about the girl child, and are devoid of modern approach to life and society. The people are not using toilets at home, and it is still considered as not free from open defecation. Many of them do not have bank accounts, are far away from digital literacy. This situation demands greater attention and improvement. As a part of project work in Tally & Accounts, the students of commerce are assisting the villagers and illiterates for opening and transactions of their bank accounts.

Our students proved their active part in helping orphans and old age homes with financial assistance. Assisting AMMA foundation, MOTHER THERESA old age home and BEHARA mano vikasa kendram , Srikakulam are some of the examples for this instance.