National Cadet Corps (NCC)


Under the control of our A.N.O Lt. Dr. Yalla. Poli Naidu, 1/14 Coy, Govt. Degree College (Men) Srikakulam, our cadets achieved many awards and prizes.

Motto of NCC


Organization & Brief History:

National cadet corps is a Tri-service Organization comprising the army, navy and air force, engaged in grooming the youth- the leader of tomorrow- into disciplined and patriotic citizens. The genesis of the NCC can be traced back to the First World War when the Britishers created the University Corps as the second line of defense and to have a large pool of trained youth available for employment into the armed forces.

Andhra Pradesh Directorate:

The NCC is headed by a Director General, an  Army officer of the rank of Lieutenant General, who is responsible for the functioning of NCC in the country.  In Andhra Pradesh, the NCC Directorate is headed by a Deputy Director-General, an officer of the rank of Air Commodore from Indian Air Force.  The AP Directorate has nine groups, each headed by an officer of the rank of Colonel or equivalent rank from Navy/ Air Force. AP Directorate NCC is one of the largest directorates of NCC with about 1,29,000 cadet strength. This Directorate is headed by an Air Commodore from the Indian Air Force. The present incumbent is Air Commodore S Badyal. His staff members include a Director(Colonel Roveen), Assistant/Joint Directors (AD/JD) for the branches (Personnel, Training, P&C, and Administration) who are all military officers. In addition, the Assistant Director(State)looks after the affairs of all State Government employees in the Directorate. There are two Accounts Officers (AO), one for Central and the other for State Funds.

P Directorate has Nine Groups under it. These are located all across the State. The locations of the NCC Groups are, Vishakhapatnam, Kakinada, Guntur, Tirupati, Kurnool, Nizamabad, Warangal, Hyderabad, and Secunderabad Groups. Each Group is headed by a Group Commander of the rank of Colonel/ Equivalent. Except for Vishakhapatnam Group which is headed by an officer from the Indian Navy of the rank of Captain(IN), all other groups are commanded by Army officers. Each group HQ has an Administrative Officer(AO), Training Officer(TO) and an Assistant Director (AD). AD looks after the affairs of all the State Government employees of the entire Group. Various branches at the Group level are the same as the Directorate.

In turn, each group has a number of Army/Navy/Air wing units (Major and Minor), which are headed by Commanding Officers(CO)/Officer Commanding(OC). Some units have an Administrative Officer(AO) OR a Whole Time Lady Officer(WTLO). All these officers except the WTLO are regular Armed Forces Officers of the rank of Colonel/Lt Col or equivalent.

Further details of AP Date can be obtained at

Vishakhapatnam Group:

Group HQ Visakhapatnam was Re-raised on 01 April 2003. This group covers NCC activities in three districts of Andhra Pradesh namely Visakhapatnam Srikakulam & Vizianagaram. This group has Five units under its command. They are:-

13(A) Bn NCC, Visakhapatnam

14 A Bn NCC Srikakulam

2 (A) Girls Bn NCC Vizianagaram

2(A) Arty Bn NCC Visakhapatnam

2(A) CTR NCC  Visakhapatnam

3(A) Naval Unit Visakhapatnam

4(A) Naval Med Visakhapatnam

6 (A) Air Sqn NCC Visakhapatnam

AP Sainik School Vizianagaram


1/14  Coy was raised in  1972. Lt. Ramesh,  Lt. B.Polisu and Capt.Dr.K.Sreeramulu was the ex.A.N.Os.1/14 COY NCC has 200 cadet strength and Lt.Dr Yalla. Poli Naidu, has been acting as  A.N.O  since  14th September 2013.

Aims of NCC :

The aims of NCC as approved by MOD  in Mar 2001 are as under :-

  • To develop character comradeship discipline leadership secular outlook spirit of adventure sportsmanship and ideals of selfless service among the youth of the country.
  • To create a human resource of organized trained and motivated youth to provide leadership in all walks of life and always be available for the service of the nation
  • To provide a suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in the Armed Forces.

Basic Training:

  • Drill.
  • Weapon Trg, Map Reading,FC and BC
  • Certificate Exams
  • Entry into Armed Forces

Social Service Activities:

Swachha Bharat, solid waste management, Anti Dowry, Tree Plantation, Blood Donation, Cancer and AIDS  awareness rallies.

Best Achievements:


S.No Name of the cadet Reg.No Class RDC year
1 S. Santhosh kumar AP/10/SD/A/166053 III B.Com Jan 2012
2 V. Vasu AP/11/SD/A/166086 II B.A Jan 2012
3 A.Kamaraj AP/16/SD/A/260074 II M.P.E Jan 2018




1 K. Bhanu prakash 2015
2 A.Venkatesh 2016
3 M.Suresh 2017
4 S.Kishor Kumar 2017
5 K.D.V.Rao 2017



02 B.GOWTHAM KUMAR Narmadha trek, Rajpipla-2015
03 P.NAVEEN Narmadha trek, Rajpipla-2017
04 S.NAVEEN Narmadha trek, Rajpipla-2017

Indian Military Academy (IMA) CAMP:

S.NO Cadet Reg.No Year
1 M.Suresh AP/16/SD/A/260064 2018



S.No Name of the cadet Year Place
01 K. Bhanu prakash 2015 Secundrabad
02 B. Jagnamohan rao 2015 Secundrabad
03 P. Naveen 2016 Secundrabad
04 A.Govindarajulu 2016 Secundrabad
05 B.Tarun kumar 2016 Secundrabad
06 S. kishore kumar 2016 Secundrabad
07 I.Chandrashekar 2016 Secundrabad
08 A.Kamaraj 2016 Secundrabad
09 S. Sankar 2017,2018 Secundrabad
10 N.Sampath kumar 2017,2017 Secundrabad
11 D.Vinod kumar 2017 Secundrabad
12 L.Prasanth Kumar 2017 Secundrabad
13 D.Srikanth 2017 Secundrabad
14 M. Shanmukha Reddy 2017 Secundrabad
15 S.Dileep kumar 2017 Secundrabad
16 M.Kalyan 2017 Secundrabad

Uses of NCC Certificates

This page is intended to inform the cadets and ANOs about the various incentives being given to candidates of NCC Certificates by various agencies. Cadets are requested to inform their friends who do not have access to the internet.

Permanent Commission. A permanent Commission means a career in the Army till you retire. For a Permanent Commission, you have to join the National defence Academy (NDA) Or the Indian Military Academy (IMA).

Short Service Commission.    The Indian Army has a wonderful alternative career for all those of you who aspire to serve the Nation for a few years. It is called Short service Commission. It gives you the option of joining the Army and serving in it as an Officer for Five years.

The best part is that once your initial five-year tenure is over, you are allowed to opt for a Permanent Commission. Alternatively, you can also choose for a Five-year extension and can also choose to resign from your post anytime during this extended period. With Short Service Commission, you can have the best of both worlds. Even as it gives the privileges and benefits of a full-fledged Commission, you will be imbibing qualities that will make you an invaluable asset to any organization that you join after the Army tenure. The Army will train you to become a Good Leader and also a Successful Manager.

Benefits extended by various Security and other agencies to holders of NCC Certificate holders are given in the following paragraphs.

 For Joining the Armed Forces as Officers.
 As Regular officers in Indian Army. 32 vacancies reserved for NCC ‘C’ Certificate holders for every course, ie… 64 seats each year irrespective of merit in SSB.

As Short Service Commissioned Officers in the Indian Army. NCC ‘C’ Certificate holders are exempted from appearing in written Examination (UPSC exam). 50 vacancies are reserved in each course ie… 100 seats for each year.

As Regular Officers in Indian Navy.  Six vacancies are reserved in each course ie… 12 seats per year for NCC ‘C’ Certificate(Naval Wing) holders. They must have passed BSc(Physics and Maths) or BE, are 19 to 24 years of age and are deemed fit to undergo training in Naval Academy, Goa by the Services Selection Board (SSB). Such candidates are exempted from appearing in the CDS Examination conducted by UPSC.

As Regular Officers in Indian Air Force.   10% of all available seats are reserved for NCC ‘C’ Certificate (Air Wing) holders including Pilot courses. They need NOT appear for UPSC Exam.

 For Joining the Armed Forces as Soldiers/Sailors/Airmen
 Army.   Five percent of marks are added to NCC ‘A’ Certificate holders on overall marks scored by the candidate in Physical and Written Examination. Similarly, Eight percent of marks are added to ‘B’ Certificate holders. These are applicable for Soldier (GD), Tech, Clerk, SKT and Nursing Assistant categories. In addition, NCC ‘C’ Certificate holders are completely exempted from appearing in CEE (Common Entrance Examination) for Soldier GD category. As far as Soldier Clerk/SKT/Tech/NA are concerned, they will not be exempted from part-I of the written exam, but 10% bonus marks will be awarded of the total marks earned in the written exam for overall placement in the merit list. It is clarified that if a candidate is both a son of an ex serviceman and an NCC Certificate holder, he is entitled to only one type of concession.

Navy.    Weightage of following additional marks is given to NCC Certificate holders for recruitment in the Navy:-

Direct Entry Sailor(MER), Artificer Apprentices Diploma Holder

(i)    ‘A’ Certificate            –     22

(ii)    ‘B’ Certificate           –     44

(iii)   ‘C’ Certificate           –     66

Air Force.   The marks as given below are added to selection Test marks of the qualified candidates possessing NCC Certificates in Air Wing:-

(i)    ‘C’ Certificate                      –    5 marks

(ii)   ‘B’ Certificate                      –    4 marks

(iii)   ‘A’ Certificate                     –    3 marks

(iv)     ‘A’ Certificate Part I & II   –    3 marks

(v)    ‘A’ Certificate Part I only    –    2 marks


For Joining BSF (Border Security Force)

The following additional marks are given to NCC Certificate holders both for joining as Officers as well as Sepoy/Constables.

            (i)    ‘A – I’ Certificate only                 –     2

            (ii)   ‘A – I & A – II’ Certificates           –     4

            (iii)  ‘B’ Certificate                             –     6

            (iv)   ‘C’ Certificate                            –     10

For Joining CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force)

For joining as Officers ( Company Commanders, Quartermasters and Dy SPs), the minimum prescribed qualification is a Second class Bachelors Degree. However, NCC ‘B’ OR ‘C’ Certificate holders having a Third Class Bachelors Degree are also considered eligible.

For Joining CISF (Central Industrial Security Force)

Additional marks at the scale of ‘one’ mark for ‘B’ Certificate holders and ‘Three’ marks for ‘C’ Certificate holders are given to candidates in the rank of ‘Constable’.

For Joining Coast Guard

Additional weightage between 03 and 10 is given to candidates for joining in both Officer cadre as well as Enrolled personnel.

NCC Cadets are also taken on cruise on board as and when Coast Guard ship visits neighbouring countries.

For Joining ITBP (Indo Tibetan Border Police)

Possession of NCC ‘B’ / ‘C’ certificate has been included as a desirable qualification for filling up the post of Assistant Commandant(General Duty)/Sub Inspectors (General Duty) under direct recruitment method.

For Joining Department of Telecommunications

Bonus marks as under are awarded to NCC Cadets possessing Certificates for joining various cadres in Ministry of Communications, Department of Telecommunications

Technicians.   NCC cadets who have acquired training in Senior Division Army Wing Signal units(Boys) are given 07 marks for possessing ‘B’ certificate and 10 Mars for ‘C’ certificate.

Telephone Operators & Telegraphists.    NCC Cadets who have acquired training in Senior Wing Army wing Signal Units (Girls) are given 07 additional Marks for possessing ‘B’ Certificate and 10 additional marks for possessing ‘C’ Certificate.


ANO taking classes to cadets

Yoga day-2016

Trek at Junaraj, Gujarath

Run for Unity


Principal Dr.M.Baburao garu saluting the national flag on Independence day-2017

Panoramic view of Independence Day celebrations in Our college grounds

NFCH – Fund raising by cadets

Narmada Trek at Gujarath Rajpipla

independence day

Guard of honour to Commissioner

Guard of Honour to Hon’ble V.C of Dr.B.R.A.U


Cadets and ANO interaction with civils 3rd topper R. Gopal Krishna

Awareness Rally on NCC day

Anti cancer rally at 7 road Jn.