• The department of library science has been functioning since the inception of the college in the year 1951 with a number of 333 books and with one post of librarian.
  • The department gradually developed year by year and at present it arrived to a Number of 54769 books. In addition to the text books, reference books other kinds are available in the library, which cater to the needs of the students as well as the teaching and Non teaching staff members.
  • The library stood first among the libraries in Zone-1 in quality of book. The books in 33 various subjects are available in the library.
  • We proud to say a good number of reference books vise encyclopedia of Britannica , encyclopedia of religion , culture and heritage of India in 4 voles , Oxford junior encyclopedia and many dictionaries are available in the library , which fulfill the needs of the needy of the needy persons .
  • UGC grants and state Government. Funds enrich the library. Now computerization of the library is one process. The SOUL software has been installed in the college library computer on 27-12-2004.


  • To lead the students into the ultimate realm of knowledge.
  • To pursue excellence.
  • To provide rich experience in the art of learning.


  • To offer programmers that would enhance the skill development of the student.
  • To make the instruction a central for research and development work.
  • To train the student in value education and help them to became responsible citizens.


  • To create a vibrant and holistic approach to education.
  • To excel both curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • To excel in service to cummunity


  • Improve the quality of education at every level in respect of teaching, learning and research activities.
  • Provide information sources to staff and students, which may encourage cultivation of    Intellectual energy, initiate thinking and life-long learning.
  • Give proper guidance to the users to search and use of information sources of the library.
  • Provide information to co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • Provide information of employment, career and competitive examination.
  • Facilitate pleasurable and user friendly environment.
  • Adopt different innovative services and practices to make maximum use of library resources.
  • Bring documents, students and the academics together under one environment, which stimulate reading for pleasure, self realization, personal growth and development and the cultivation of intellectual excellence.


Library Advisory Committee:

This is an important committee which constitutes the members of staff one each from Science, Arts, Commerce and Languages. Principal is the Chairman of the Committee and the Librarian act as the  convener and three students from I,II and III year.

 Objectives of the Library Advisory Committee:

1 The developmental activities of the library are taken care of the Library Advisory Committee.

2 The members will meet twice in year to look after the development, requirement and facilities of the library and information Centre.

3 The resolutions are taken for the improvement of the Library and Information Centre keeping in view of the benefit of student’s career development and staff betterment in acquiring the knowledge.

The Members of the Library Advisory Committee for the year 2018-19 are:

  1. Sri S.Paparao, Lecturer in lib science
  2. Dr.S.Sai kumar, Lecturer in English.
  3. Sri Ch.Vijaya kumar, Lecturer in Maths.
  4. Dr.B.Srinivasa rao, Lecturer in Telugu.
  5. Sri H.Lakshmipathi,Lecturer in commerce.
  6. Sri K.Srinivasa rao,lecturer in physics.


  • Circulation
  • Reference service
  • Clipping service
  • Information display and notification service
  • internet facility
  • Reprographic service
  • Question paper Service


  1. All the students and staff are registered members of the library.
  2. The library will be kept open on all working days from 9am to 5pm with lunch break of on hour from 1pm to 2pm.
  3. The students must sign in the visitors/gate register while entering the library.
  4. Every student has to show his identity card at the time of taking Books, Newspapers and Journals.
  5. No student is allowed to enter the library with their personal books or bags except note book.
  6. Silence should be maintained in the library.
  7. Each student is eligible to borrow two books at a time depending on the availability of books in the library.
  8. Books will be issued to the students according to the library time table and only on production of the identity card .If the allotted is a holiday books will be issued on next working day. Returns and renewals are allowed on all working days.
  9. Students should verify the books before taking issue from the library. Don’t take damaged and turned books. At the time of the return of books to the library the students will be responsible for damaged and turned books.
  10. Books will be issued for a period of 14 days. Student should return or renew the borrowed books before 14 days, otherwise fine will be collected Rs.0.50 paisa per day after due date. SC/ST Book Bank Books will be issued to the SC/ST students for a period of one year. They should return books year end to the library.
  11. Reference books, competitive books and Journals will not be issued to the users on loan. But they can make use of such books in the library only.
  12. If they lose any of the books, they have to either replace the books or pay the amount double the cost of the book.
  13. They should not damage or disfigure the books by writing their name or marking any underlines in the books
  14. At the end of the year i.e. before issue of hall tickets all the students have to return the books to the library without fail and obtain No Dues. Otherwise hall tickets will not be issued to those students and they are not eligible for yearend exams

Facilities in the Library:

The department of Library science has been functioning since the inception of the college in the year 1951.Present the total collection of library is 54769 books. It is one of the biggest library in Andhra Pradesh. Library stack area is 3775 square feet with text book section reference section and circulation section. The library has reading room with 900 square feet with seating capacity of 150.

We are proud to say that good no. of Reference books, Encyclopedias, Religion, Culture, Heritage, Dictionaries and text books on various subjects to fulfill the needs of students and staff.

We are providing the services circulation service, Reference Service, News Paper clipping Service, Internet Service, Question paper Service and Reprographic Service

Library Books in General

Reference Books                  –       11850

Text Books                             –     22882

General books                       –         5122

Books in UGC text books     –         2890

Books in gift books                –        3124

Sc/St book bank                    –         8887

CD’s                                     –              14

Total collection                      –      54769


Library is automated using SOUL Software (Software for university Library) integrated management system developed by INFLIBNET, Ahmadabad, Gujarat India. Total books in the library were accessioned through the software.


We are subscribing 16 periodicals/Magazines, 20 journals (National and International)

Internet facility:

In The library there are 5 systems connected with Internet facility. We are providing internet facility to students and staff. College has the member of NDL (National Digital Library) and we are continuous Subscriber of N-List of INFLIBNET.Staff and students can access e-journals and e-books

Library collection

S.No Type of books No. of books
1 Reference Books 11850
2 Text Books 22882
3 General books 5122
4 Books in UGC text books 2890
5 Books in gift books 3124
6 Sc/St book bank 8887
7 CD’s 14
Total No. of books 54769

Subjectwise books

S.No Name of the subject No. of books
1 English 4398
2 Telugu 5610
3 Hindi 1262
4 Sanskrit 664
5 Oriya 476
6 Urdu 25
7 Economics 1980
8 Civics 79
9 Political science 2111
10 History 1994
11 Philosophy 835
12 Sociology 602
13 Anthropology 283
14 Geography 562
15 Commerce 2748
16 Zoology 2555
17 Botany 1676
18 Physics 2204
19 Mathematics 1984
20 Physical education 205
21 Library science 79
22 Psychology 13
23 Logic 144
24 Law 18
25 Chemistry 1755
26 Industrial chemistry 301
27 Computer science 524
28 Bio technology 157
29 Tax – procedure & commerce 76
30 Electronics 96
31 Microbiology 78
32 Education codes 25
33 Gift books 3124


34 CD’s 14
35 SC/ST Book Bank 8887
  Total no of books 54769


Reading room details

News papers                   –          05

Periodicals                      –          18

Journals                           –         18

Systems                           –        05(internet connected)

News papers

S.No Name of the news paper
1 Eenadu
2 Sakshi
3 Andhra jyothi
4 Deccan chronicle
5 The Hans India


S.No Name of the periodicals / journals periodicity
1 India Today weekly
2 Employment news weekly
3 Vijetha competitions Forth night
4 Udyoga Sopanam Forth night
5 Business today Forth night
6 Business World Forth night
7 Vivek Monthly


8 Andhra Pradesh Monthly
9 Shine India Monthly
10 Wonder world Monthly
11 Yojana(TEL) Monthly
12 Yojana(ENG) Monthly
13 Kurukshetra Monthly
14 Computer Era Monthly
15 English today Monthly
16 Pratiyogit a darpan Monthly
17 Praatiyogita Kiran Monthly
18 Competetion Wizard Monthly
19 Reader’s   digest Monthly
20 Civil services Chronicle Monthly
21 Banking services Chronicle Monthly
22 News Events Monthly
23 G.K Today Monthly
24 Competetion Success Review Monthly
25 Science Reporter Monthly
26 Psychology Today Monthly
27 Current affairs Monthly
28 Banking You Monthly
29 banking Guru Monthly
30 Competetion in Focus Monthly
31 Tell me Why Monthly
32 Renu G.K Monthly
33 Banking & Current affairs Monthly

ICT in the library

Library has been improved by manual to computerization with SOUL (software for university libraries)   software under INFLIBNET programme. Online public access catalogue (OPAC) is available to student and faculty and also member N-List / INFLIBNET.

No of systems    –   05

Library software   – SOUL 2.0 (Upgrade version)

Catalogue and accessioning –   OPAC

Best practices

  • Computerization of library system SOUL software.
  • Library information in the college prospectus.
  • Display of New Arrivals.
  • Display of Newspaper clippings periodically.
  • Career/Employment Information Services.
  • User- orientation for the First year student
  • Suggestion box timely response
  • Best user Award every year
  • Back Volumes of Journals to departments
S. No Photo Name Qualification Designation Email-id Profile
01 Sri S. PAPARAO M.A in Philosophy Lecturer in Library Science

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