Government Degree College (Men), Srikakulam


There is one building in the college campus with four blocks and 48 rooms to accommodate all the students as ours is a totally residential college.

The Honorable Chief – Minister promised for a new hostel building on 15th, August 2018.


Facilities in the hostel

  1. Spacious Dining Hall.
  2. Health care centre.
  3. To central lawns for meetings and functions.
  4. one dormitorytry, one Guest room and one sick room.
  5. Television and three daily news papers available for updated society.
  6. Play ground is very near to the hostel.
  7. Available indoor games in the hostel students like Chess, Caroms etc…


Administrative Body

  1. Chief – Warden :  Dr.Sri. M. Babu rao, Principal.
  2. Deputy Warden : Sri. N. Chinna Rao. Lecturer in History.
  3. Student blocks leaders and deputy block leaders.



The following duties are allotted to the faculty members and two Non- teaching members for the effective functioning of the hostel.

  1. Issue of daily provisions based on the attendance.
  2. Supervision of break-fast, lunch and dinner to control the moments of the prosperous students.
  3. Monitoring study hours from 8.00 P.M to 10.00 P.M daily.
  4. Surprise visits by squad members.
  5. Discipline committee.