The College has a Health centre with a pharmacist is available in the campus to provide first aid services to students and staff. A visiting doctor is available on call. The Andhra Pradesh Government has provided Employee Health Scheme (EHS) to all the employees. A first aid box is available in the College for immediate need. Life sciences departments have the provision for blood test for faculty members and students. Women Empowerment Cell in co-ordination with 2 NSS units conducts various health awareness programs and regular medical camps.

Health Club Committee Members

 S.No.  Name  Designation  Position
1  Dr. P.B Kameswara Rao  Visiting Doctor  Physician
2  Sri. R. Revathi Rao  Regular Pharmacist  Pharmacist
3  Dr. T. Swarnalatha  Lecturer in Physics  Member
4  Smt. M. Shanthi Ham  Lecturer in English  Member
5  Dr. N.S.N Swamy  Lecturer in Botany  Member
6  Smt. K. Rekha  Lecturer in Biotechnology  Member
7  Sri. P. Krishna  Lecturer in Zoology  Member
8  Sri. Y. Bhaskara Rao  Lecturer in Commerce  Member