Grievance & Redressed Cell

There is a well structured student grievance redressed cell consisting of a Convener and 5 other members of  the institution. A grievance Redressed box is placed near the office room for lodging complaints. The Cell pursues the grievances of the students from time to time and does justice to the complainants in time. However, serious grievances have not been reported during the last 4 Academic years.

The College has a good cultural heritage and never there are issues pertaining to     sexual harassment. However, Women Empowerment Cell constantly monitor against any gender discrimination and sexual harassment. No such cases were reported from      last 04 years.

The College has an ‘Anti-Ragging Committee’ consisting of 1 Convener, 6   members including students. Students are made aware of the severe consequences of  ragging both by Police and Judiciary. Anti ragging banners are displayed at all corners.   Counseling was given to students’ on petty issues. No ragging case was booked in this College for the last 4 years.

Grievance & Redressed Committee

S.No. Name of faculty & Designation Position
1 Dr. G. Janardhana Naidu, Lecturer in Political Science Convener
2 Smt. V. Usha Padmini, Lecturer in Economics Member
3 Dr. Y. Poli Naidu, Lecturer in Zoology Member
4 Sri. K. Venkanna, Lecturer in Physics Member
5 Smt. M. Santhi Ham, Lecturer in English Member
6 Sri. R. Ramesh Naidu, Lecturer in Chemistry Member


Some of the grievances redressed during the last four years are:

S.No. Grievances Redressed
1 More Number of Books in the library Purchasing from the available UGC funds and State Govt. Budget every year
2 Drinking water facility Provided
3 Arranging more Ceiling fans in the Classrooms. Arranged
4 More News papers and Journals in the reading room Provided
5 Repair of black boards and LCD projectors Repaired
6 Reimbursement of Tuition fee Informed to District Social Welfare Office, Srikakulam for necessary action.
7 Repair of benches in the classes rooms Repaired
8 Good food in the Canteen Instructed