S. No. Name of the Equipment Quantity Utility
01 AUTO CLAVE 02 Sterilization of Heat Labile Components like Nutrient Media, Plastic Wares etc.
02 HOT AIR OVEN 01 Sterilization of Heat Resistant materials like Glass wares
03 DIGITAL ELECTONIC BALANCE 01 To weigh the components up to 0.01mg of required chemicals and other substances
04 COLORIMETER 02 To determine the concentrations of the Biomolecules basing on light absorption

(5000 RPM)

03 To separate different cell organelles and components from mixture using on Centrifugal force
06 BINOCULAR MICROSCOPE 04 To study various microorganisms
07 REFRIGIRATOR 01 To store the chemicals and enzymes at low temperatures
08 MICROPIPETTIS 06 To measure and take the solution in small & accurate volumes
09 BIOVISUAL CHARTS 06 Used as mono dimensional teaching aid
10 CHROMATOGRAPHY CHAMBER 03 To separate different chemicals, amino acids and etc from crude sample
11 WET AND DRY BULB THERMOMETER 02 To know the temperatures in both the wet and dry conditions
12 LAMINOR AIR FLOW CHAMBER 01 For inoculation of Ex plant and Bacteria under ascetic conditions
13 BACTERIAL INCUBATOR 01 Incubation of Bacterial cultures under suitable conditions
14 UV-Visible Spectrophoto Meter 01 Estimation of Absorbance spectrum of Bio Molecules and Nucleic Acid
15 SHKER WITH INCUBATOR 01 Disaggregation of plant tissue and isolation of cells
16 AGAROSE GEL ELECTROPHORESIS 01 To Separate Nucleic Acids
18 PCR MACHINE 01 To amplify DNA/RNA
19 TISSUE CULTURE RACK 01 For the development of plant lets from Explant
20 THIN LAYER CHROMATOGRAPHY 02 To separate Bio molecules
21 IMMUNO ELCTROPHOROSIS 02 To separate Plasma Proteins
22 VORTEX MIXTURE 02 To mix the solution
23 SEROLOGICAL WATER BATH 03 For Boiling and Heating the Analytical Solutions
24 HOT PLATES 01 For heat the solution
25 MAGNETIC STERAR 01 To mix & solubilize the compounds present in solution
26 DISTELE WATER PURIFIER 01 To prepare distilled water
27 pH METER 02 To Check the Ph of a given solutions
28 ANAEROBIC BACTERIA CULTURE JAR 01 To culture the Anaerobic Bacteria
29 WESTERN BLOTTING TRANSFER UNIT 01 To transfer proteins from Gel to Nylon or NC membrane
30 UV Trans Illuminator 01 To visualize DNA Bands present on Agarose Gel

Department of chemistry

  1. Double beam spectrophotometre
  2. Conductometre
  3. Potentiometer
  4. PH metre


Department of Political Science

  1. Computer with Internet facility
  2. Access to Inflibnet
  3. Access to National Digital Library
  4. Departmental E library with 150 Political Science titles


Department of Zoology

  1. PCR Master cycle
  2. Spectro Photometer
  3. Laminar Air flow (Vertical)
  4. Binocular Microscope with Digital Camera
  5.  Orbital Shaking Incubator
  6. Cooling Centrifuge
  7. Hot  Air Oven


Department of Commerce

  1. Computer with Internet facility
  2. Access to Inflibnet
  3. Access to National Digital Library


Department of Telugu

  1. Library Equipped with 300 Reference Books


Department of Botany

  1. Well equipped Laboratory
  2.  Botanical Garden with medicinal herbs and a green house
  3. Laminar Air flow (Vertical)
  4. Photo Spectrometer
  5.  Olympus – Trinocular Microscope with Digital Camera
  6. Binocular – Zoom Stereo Microscope
  7. Autoclaves
  8. Cooling Centrifuges
  9. Computer systems (two CPU’s & two Monitors)
  10. Smart Board with System
  11. LCD Projectors 2 No.s
  12. Microtome


Department of English

The department of English is equipped with one personal computer with internet connectivity to access web based and e resources.