Jawahar Knowledge Center ( JKC)

 About JKC:

JKC is an innovative and pioneering initiative that brings the best students from all over the state, providing them with best infrastructure, offering best-guidance, best content and opportunities to apply their knowledge on the challenging problems. JKCs are established in Degree colleges spread across the State of Andhra Pradesh to increase the standards of employability skills. In JKC the students are trained to learn the soft skills, analytical skills and communication skills by employing accelerated learning strategies. Availability of Trained students is attracting many companies to come to Andhra Pradesh.

The ever increasing prominence of India on the global map has led to a growing demand for hard working, talented and skilled students with good computer skills, communication skills, analytical skills and industry related skills. The doors of global job market are opened to students who can speak fluently, compute quickly, write legibly and analyze logically. The conventional curriculum offered through B.A., B.Com and B.Sc., courses does not impart requisite skills relevant for dynamic job market especially that of emerging industries like Software and BPO. The Department has felt the need to offer training to bridge the skill deficit of students and to enable them seize employment opportunities in job market. Its primary aim is to provide intensive training to students to acquire employable skills and enable them to gain confidence to obtain a job. These centers aim to provide solution to the problem of unemployment faced by students studying nonprofessional courses in Degree Colleges of Andhara Pradesh State.

JKC was started with the objectives of Developing Skills, Providing Opportunities and Unleashing Potential, with Sri K. Bhagavathi Rao as the JKC Coordinator with effect from 10/10/ 2006 and commenced training the students from April in the academic year 2007-08.  Presently, Dr S. Ramakrishna, Lecturer in Chemistry, has been the Coordinator since October 2017.


  • To promote the Government – Institute – Industry interaction.
  • To provide conducive environment for learning by doing in colleges.
  • To empower students living in the rural areas so as to bridge the Urban – Rural divide.
  • To produce readily employable graduates by imparting soft skills.
  • To provide the best of the opportunities to the students belong to weaker and      marginalized sections.
  • To provide Placements in Earn-while-Learn Scheme.


To be a centre of eminence, to produce highly skilled, globally competent graduates


  • Creating Opportunity
  • Developing Skills
  • Unleashing Potential
  • Providing placements in reputed companies
  • Providing high quality, real world, industry relevant, career oriented, professional education to rural students towards their excellence and growth.
  • Serving as a center of technical excellence, creating globally competent, human resources with ethical and moral values.




Dr. S. Ramakrishna

JKC Coordinator


Sri U. Srinivasa Varma

Mentor (GEM)



Smt. P. Chandana Kumari




Sri D. Bala Krishna



1. Eligibility: For JKC General Training:

All the students of II Year & III Year Degree Course

2. Training Schedule:  i)   Three batches from April to February in     every academic year.

ii)   Exact dates for registration and commencement of every batch will be       notified in the Notice Board of JKC and College

3. Training Period & Timings: Period:
General:   90 Days
April & May – 8.00 AM to 1.00 PM
June to February – 8.30 AM to 10.00 AM, 1.15 PM-2.00 PM, 5.00 PM-6.00 PM
4. Training Strength:    50 students per Batch
5. Registration: By submitting the filled in application form along with training fee of Rs: 500/- (Rupees Five hundred only)
    S.No: Skill No.of  Hours Allotted Name of the Trainer
1 Communication Skills 60 Hrs Guest English Mentors (GEM)
2 Soft Skills & Ethical Values 30Hrs & 10Hrs Guest English Mentors (GEM)
3 Analytical Skills 60Hrs Guest Mentor on Temporary basis
4 Technical Skills 60Hrs Guest Mentor on Temporary basis
5 General Awareness 30Hrs Guest Mentor on Temporary basis
Total 250 Hrs of Training Program for each Batch

JKC Curriculum

(The duration of the training shall spill over 3 months only)




·         Functional English Proficiency

·         Improved Pronunciation    (Neutralizing MTI)

·         Improved Communication Skills

·         Business Correspondence Skills


·         Inter-personal skills

·         Logical Thinking

·         Organisational Skills

·         Presentation Skills

·         Decision-Making Skills

·         Negotiation Skills

·         Team – Work

·         Time Management

·         Body language

·         Confidence Building

·         Cultural Awareness

·         Telephone Skills

·         Creative Thinking

·          Interview skills

  • Basics of Computers
  • MS Office & Open Office
  • Internet skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Non Verbal Reasoning skills
  • Problem solving
  • Tests
  • JAMs & Group Discussions
Dr. Sujata Sharma, I.A.S
Special Commissioner,
Collegiate Education,
Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.
Dr. T. Samuel David Raj,M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,
JKC Chief Coordinator,
JKC Monitoring Cell,
Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.
Dr. M. Babu Rao, Ph.D.,
Principal &
Nodal JKC Chairman,
Government Degree College [Men], Srikakulam,
Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.
Dr. S.Ramakrishna, Ph.D.
Nodal JKC Coordinator &
Lecturer in Chemistry,                                                 Government Degree College(Men), Srikakulam.
Smt. P. Chandana Kumari. M.Tech.
JKC Guest Mentor,                                                  Government Degree College(Men), Srikakulam.

Mr. Dompaka.Balakrishna. B.Tech.,
JKC Guest Mentor,                                                       Government Degree College(Men), Srikakulam.

Sri. U. Srinivasa Varma. M.A.
Communication Skills Trainer,
JKC GEM & Lecturer in English,                             GDC(Men), Srikakulam.
JKC Faculty


Photo Name Profile




Dr. S. Ramakrishna,  Ph.D.


Guest Mentor


Smt. P. Chandana Kumari, M.Tech.



Guest Mentor



Sri. D. Balakrishna,  B.Tech.

Guest English Mentor (GEM)



Sri. U. Srinivasa Varma, M.A.

JKC Committee


 Dr. S. Ramakrishna, Ph.D.  Lect. in Chemistry

Committee Members


Dr. G. Janardhana Naidu, Ph.D. Lect. in Commerce
Dr. Y. Polinaidu, Ph.D. Lect. in Zoology
Sri. U. Srinivasa Varma, M.A.                                  (Guest English Mentor) Lect. in English
Sri. K. Nageswara Rao, M.Sc. Lect. in Chemistry
Sri. S. Sashi Bhusan, M.Sc., M.Phil. Lect. in English
Sri. K. Venkanna, M.Sc. , M.Tech. Lect. in Physics
Sri. Ch. Vijay Kumar, M.Sc. Lect. in Mathematics


JKC – Training Record of Students

2013-14 to 2018-19


SNO Year & Duration Batch No (starting Enrollment
from the inception) batch wise
1 April-August 2013 I 52
2 August- December 2013 II 83
3 January-March 2014 III 56

2013-2014 Total

4 April-July 2014 I 48
5 August-November 2014 II 100
6 December-March 2014 III 40

2014-2015 Total

7 April-July 2015 I 70
8 August-November 2015 II 130
9 December-March 2016 III 98

2015-2016 Total

10 April-July 2016 I 29
11 August-December 2016 II 27
———————————– 2016-2017 Total 56
12 November 2017-January 2018 I 65
13 January-March 2018 II 61
———————————– 2017-2018 Total 126
14 June-August 2018 I 14
15 September – November 2018 II 52
As on 24-10-2018   66*
Total (2013-14 to 2018-19) 925*
Grand Total 1041  + 925* 1966*