College planning and Development Council will work for the development of the college. They take active part in offering support and suggestions regarding college development activities and academic matters.

Following is the Constitution of C.P.D.C. members.

S.No. Name Designation in C.P.D.C.
1. Dr. M. Babu Rao Principal – President
2. Dr. G. Latchanna Secretary
3. Dr. N.S.N Swamy  Senior Lecturer
4. Dr. G. Janardhana Naidu Senior Lecturer
5. Smt. G. Rani Ministerial Staff
6. Prof. T. Kama Raju. Affiliated University Member
7. Dr. P.B Kameswara Rao Medical Doctor
8. Sri. G.S Rama Rao Educationalist
9. Sri. Maturi. Rama Rao Philanthropist
10. Sri. Vana Krishna Chand Legal Advisor
11. Sri. N. Ramana Murthy  Service Engineer
12. Sri. Gumma. Nagesh Press and Publication
13. Sri K. Kantha Rao Parent