The examination cell consists of the following Committee.

Dr. M.Babu Rao, Principal: Chief Controller of Examinations

 Dr. G. Latchanna  Lecturer in Philosophy : Convener
 Dr. N.S.N Swamy  Lecturer in Botany : Member
 Dr. D. Pydithalli  Lecturer in Economics : Member
 Sri. L. Krishna Rao  Lecturer in Commerce : Member
 Sri. M. Pradeep  Lecturer in Bio-Technology : Member
 Dr. R. Ramachandra Rao  Lecturer in Zoology : Member
 Dr. T. Swarnalatha  Lecturer in Physics : Member
 Sri Y. Bhaskara Rao  Lecturer in Commerce : Member

Submission of Examination applications by the candidates.

  1. The exam applications are supplied to the students of all classes through their respective teacher counselors.
  2. The teacher counselor should attest the photo and signature of the candidate on the application form.
  3. The identification marks of the candidate are noted in the hall ticket part and verified by the teacher counselors.
  4. Sufficient time is given to the candidates for the payment of examination fees without penal fee and later with a penal fee of Rs.100/-.

If a candidate fails to submit exam application forms as per the above schedule he/she can submit the same before the commencement of the examination by paying a penal fee of Rs.500/- as is the procedure adopted by Affiliating University.After the introduction of this  the number of students submitting late applications has reduced drastically.

Issue of Hall Tickets

  1. After the scrutiny of exam applications is over hall tickets are prepared duly checking the subjects and papers opted by the students.
  2. The fee paid by the students is checked and if any dues are noticed they are collected.
  3. The hall tickets are issued to the candidates through their respective teacher counselors at least one week before the start of the examinations.
  4. Only candidates having the hall tickets are allowed into the examination hall.
  5. If a candidate forgets to bring the hall ticket a duplicate hall ticket is issued by the Examinations Cell on payment of a refundable fee of Rs.25. (The fees is refunded when the candidate submits the original hall ticket next day
  • Revaluation and Retotalling
  1. The candidate can apply for revaluation or retotalling of scripts within 15 days after the release of Results
  2. Revaluation is done as per the rules of Affiliatiing University
  3. The fees for retotalling Rs.150/- for each paper.
  4. The fees for revaluation Rs.350/- for each paper.
  5. Note : Visually challenged candidates are totally exempted from payment of all types of examination fee.

Issue of Marks Memoranda

  1. A consolidated Marks / Grades list of all the previous appearances is furnished to the students.

Blind Candidates

  1. Blind candidates are totally exempted from paying the examination fees.
  2. A Scribe will be arranged for each blind candidate to write down the answers dictated by the blind candidate.
  3. The Chief Superintendent will appoint the scribe.
  4. The staff member appointed, as a scribe should belong to without graduation.

Vision plan for the next five  years

  1. Preparation of exhaustive Question Banks in all subjects through conduct of workshops.
  2. Computerization of the Question Bank.
  3. Generation of different versions of the question paper from the computerized Question Bank.
  4. Web based availability of Grade Memos for the Semester-End-Examinations.
  5. Introduction of Online examination system for Mid Semester Examinations.


DEFINITION OF CREDIT: Credit is the term to denote a unit of learning, usually measured in hours of study or achievement of threshold standard or both.   A Credit is a value assigned to a course, usually one credit equals one hour class period per week.


SL. No. Range of Marks Grade Grade Points
1 96% – 100% O 10
2 90% – 95% A+ 9
3 80% – 89% A 8
4 70% – 79% B+ 7
5 60% – 69% B 6
6 50% – 59% C 5
7 40% – 49% P 4



  1.    A Grade Point Average (GPA) for a year is calculated as: GPA = S(C * G)/SC

Where C-Number of Credits for the subject Paper

Where G-Grade Points obtained by the candidate in that subject paper

  1. Grade Point Average (GPA) is awarded to a candidate who passes in all the subject papers in that semester.

III.  Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is calculated by the end of third      year using similar formula, provided a candidate passes in all subject papers of all the six semesters.

  1. Declaration of class is based on CGPA as follows:

I Class = 6.0 and above;       II Class = 5.0 to 5.9       III Class = 4.0 to 4.9

  1. CGPA multiplied by “10”gives aggregate percentage of marks obtained by candidate.



  1. Students should carry their HALL TICKET & Identity card into the Examination Hall
  2.  Students are expected to be in their respective seats at the stroke of the fisrt bell
  3. Students are expected to maitain pindrop silence in the examination Hall
  4. Studetns are strictly prohibited from any sort of malpractice in the examination Hall
  5. No students shoul carry mobile phones to the examination hall
  6. No Student will be allowed into examination halls without Collge Uniform
  7. No student should leave the examinations hall before the stipulated time of examinations

Examination Results 2017-2018

Examination Results 2016-2017

Examination Results 2015-2016 (March)

  •  Arrangement of Internal Squad during   Semester end examinations to avoid malpractices.
  •  The bar code system  is used in the conduct of  Examinations
  • Awarding silver medals to the Group Toppers and Subject and Group toppers