1Dr. Ganta. Janardhana NaiduM.A. Political Science, M.A. Economics, UGC NET, M.Ed. and Ph.D.Lecturer in Political click here
  1. Strengthening the academic support to backward and under privileged students to keep pace with challenges and global competition.
  2. To provide carrier guidance and awareness to students on higher studies and employment opportunities.
  3. To inculcate research aptitude among the students.
  4. To encourage the brilliant students to prepare for different competitive examinations.
  5. To encourage students to prepare project reports/study reports.
  6. To introduce computer knowledge as a course in B.A along with other optionals
  7. To conduct programs in order to improve soft and Communication skills.
  8. To arrange field trips to help students to gain practical knowledge.
  9. To encourage class room student seminar to reduce the stage fear and improve the skills of public addressing.
  10. To organise extension lectures by inviting eminent professors from A.U. campus Visakapatnam, PG. centre Etcherla, MR. Atanamous College Vizianagaram.
  11. To conduct more Quiz, Essay Writing, Elocution competitions to encourage participatory behaviour among students.
  12. To encourage team teaching to provide additional inputs to students from magazines, editorials, paper clippings and other learning sources.
  13. To establish award to top rankers ever year on behalf of the department of Politics.
  14. To encourage surveys to inculcate the habit of interaction with the public.
  15. To encourage value Education to learn well behaviour towards their elders, parents and country.
  16. To increase innovative methods of teaching by incorporating modern methods of teaching through electronic gadgets.
  17. To encourage group discussion and debates to improve analytical knowledge of the students.
  18. To encourage the students to participate in extension activities such as NSS, Consumer awareness programmes, Eco-friendly activities, Aids awareness, Rallies and literacy programmes etc.


DEPARTMENT OF Political Science


S.No. Year No. of      Students        appeared No. of        Students passed Pass            percentage
1 2012-13 51 46 90
2 2013-14 47 34 70
3 2014-15 55 52 94.5
4 2015-16 56 50 89.2
5 2016-17 34 29 85.2
6 2017-18 22 20 90.9

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UNO Day celebrations on 24-10-2016 Chief Guest Sri BYR Durga Rao, Lecturer in Political science(RTD), GDC Women, Srikakulam

National Education Day celebrations on 11-09-2014 Chief Guest Sri B. Sankara Raju Lecturer in History, GDC Women, Srikakulam

Invited Lecture by Dr. G. Janardhana Naidu on 31-01-2015 at Govt. degree college Ichapuram, Srikakulam Dist

Invited Lecture by Dr. G. Janardhana Naidu on 21-02-2017 at Govt. degree college Tekkali, Srikakulam Dist

Human Rights Day celebration on 10-12-2015 Chief Guest Sri K. V. Jagannadha Rao, Vice President, Andhra Pradesh State Human rights forum

Guest Lecture on 18-07-2017 by Sri P. Sankar Narayana, Lecturer in Politics GDC Women, Srikakulam

District Best Lecturer award received on 15-08-2016

Constitution Day celebrations on 26-11-2016 Chief Guest Justice P.Jagannadha Rao, District Judge(RTD), Vishakapatnam

Constitution Day celebrations on 26-11-2015 Chief Guest Pro Miriyala Chandrayya, Vice Chancellor, Dr B R Ambedkar, Srikakulam