Srikakulam  74 B/3: 18° 16′ N: 84° 30′  E  belongs to the Srikakulam taluk, whose headquarters is the town of Srikakulam. It consists of two well-defined divisions: Agencies and Plains. The important rivers of the district are the Nagavali, Vamsadhara, Suvarnamukhi, Vegavathi, Mahendratanaya, Gomukhi, Champavathi, etc. These rivers are neither very large nor very long and they are liable for sudden floods. The climate is generally cool and healthy. From July to October is the rainy season. The average maximum temperature is  31 °C and the average minimum temperature is 23.3 °C. The soils of the districts are black cotton and red ferruginous series. Valuable food crops such as paddy, sugarcane, ragi, etc are cultivated.


Srikakulam is situated in the ancient Kalinga which is the name of the territory situated in the Eastern coast of India between the rivers the Mahanadi and the Godavari.

Kalinga means “Thin Khadi”. Kalinga Desa was mentioned in Mahabharatha. Kalinga King Karnudu’s name was first mentioned in the Jataka tales of Buddhist literature. Hathighumpa Inscription states that king karavela ruled this area. In 62 to 82 AD, Gowthami Putra Sathakarni controlled and ruled this area. Samudra Gupta and later Ganga Dynasty made “Mukhalingam” their capital and ruled. In the 4th century historian Pleaney described the people in this area as Kalingas.In 7th century Huan-Tsang visited this area. In 1641 Sher Mohammed Khan brought this area under his rule. Akbar was the first Moghul emperor to defeat Chikako. In 1753 Salabat Singh gave Chikakole  Sarkar to Lord Bussey. In 1759 this place came under British Rule. It was part of Ganjam District before becoming part of Vishakapatnam District. It became a separate district on 15/08/1950. It was a municipality since 1856. In Literature Bankupalli Mallayya Sastry, Garimella Satyanarayana, multi-language scholar Ronanki Appala Swamy, Lexicographer Sankar Narayana, First Ph.D. recipient in Telugu Dr.Chilukuru Narayana Rao, Internationally famous Kodi Ramamurthy, Weight Lifter Karanam Malleswari belong to this District. Many eminent personalities in music, literature, social service and politics belong to Srikakulam District.